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Feb 7, 2013 12:00am PST
and 245 and he played offense and defense as the spartans win their fourth straight title. stanford signed just 12 players among them. he is a taller version of his brother. he is the 50th ranked prospect in california. he was ranked 167th in the nation and eric cotton who is among the top 300. meanwhile, they signed 25 players including marin catholic goff. he scored 85 touchdowns during his last two seasons. he graduated early and is already taking classes in berkeley. running back mohamed and cameron walker from southern california. the bears bolstered their offensive line with five new players including aaron cochran who is 6 foot 8 and 360 pounds and vincent johnson of sacramento. san jose state signed los gatos defensive tackle amaneti, a wide receiver from st high school. now to baseball and the giants and sergio romo have agreed to a two-year $9 million contract. romo became the team's closer last season and was just superb during the playoffs. one win and four saves and a .84 earned run average. abc7 sports was brought to you by river rock casino. i understand larry as -- h
Feb 5, 2013 12:00am PST
people scratching their heads. with the big offensive line and ravens defensive tackle out with an injury you would think san francisco would run more but instead tried throwing three times on crabtree. third down it looked like kaepernick was going to run in but because he let the clock rundown harbaugh called a time out. came down to the fourth down from the blitz. picked it up. crabtree and no good. holding on the play? contact is allowed within 5 yard but smith was crabbing crabtree jersey beyond that. referee thought too close to call but not harbaugh. >> yes there's no question in my mind that there was a pass interference and then a hold on crabtree on the last one. >> victor to the piles. superbowl mvp part of the day at disney world riding in parade with micky. last tonight he got to hang out with other celebrity. >> i got to meet jay z. bee open say. that was pretty cool. i don't think that would happen if we would have lost the game. i was existed. exhausted couldn't wait to put my head down on the pillow. for some reason when i was laying there i couldn't quite fall asl
Feb 1, 2013 12:00am PST
orleans. let's start with chris because he's at the center of all of this. 49ers defensive back surrounded by reporters today. 24-year-old second year in the nfl apologized for the anti-gay comment that he made on tuesday. >> i'm sorry i offended anyone. it was very ugly comment and that's what i feel in in my heart and hopefully lick i said i can learn and grow from the experience and situation. >>reporter: on the heals of the -- heels of the crisis comes another p.r. nightmare for the york and niners. usa today report that go 2 players brooks and isaac didn't realize the it gets better video involved lgbt issues. they were quoted as saying they thought they were making a video about the prevention of bullying for kid. so another fire for jed i don't think to put in and out new orleans. another news. beyonce will perform at half time of super bowl 47. in town today and held a news conference. >> and the home ♪ of the of brave. about ♪ the brave. [applause]. >>reporter: that's how she started the news conference. beyonce came upped criticism when she lip synced the national
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3